Blog2006 ≫ Blog alerts

Google blog search1 has either just had some kind of upgrade, or it's only just discovered my sites; I'm suddenly getting daily email alerts with all my posts in. This is GOOD, I've been subscribing to a Folkestone alert for a year or so, getting updates every time Folkestone is mentioned in the news, but the option to also send me new web pages that mention Folkestone does not seem to have worked, until now.

So, maybe time to clean things up, and make sure everything's tagged up neatly, in case any new visitors stumble in.

Hello, if you are a new visitor, or an old visitor.

In other "pinging back into life" news, I got my IPAQ working again, and am off on a train journey today, so am downloading all the converting software and things so as to get my recorded TV shows on there. Got some Prison Break and Dexter to catch up on.

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