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Really enjoyed my first week in the new job, it's a great place and a good crowd. And I'm not just writing this in case anyone there remembered the url from my CV and decides to investigate at some point. I even achieved something in my first week, I wrote my first plugin1 for DokuWiki2, which the team are using for documentation and general wikiness. My plugin takes a little tag like

[blah name=paul+clarke]

and runs off to the personnel database and gets contact details and a photo and things, terribly exciting.

Weird thing about work number one: today they had a music quiz, going on all day, just to entertain the staff. As I only joined this week and didn't know anyone I didn't get in a team in time, but it's nice that they have these things. It was basically a PS2 and a projector and this music quiz game34, and I think I'd have done OK in it. Maybe next time, let's hope these organised [s]skives[/s] motivational sessions are a regular feature.

Weird thing about work number two: I'd only been there two days when pay day came around, AND I actually got paid. Result! I wasn't expecting anything for the first month at least...

Weird thing about work number three: It's in the countryside. It's a great office, but right out in proper countryside, and the route back to the station is down ten to fifteen minutes of country lanes, with no pavements or lighting. It's nice and rural in the daytime, walking past sheep and things, but at hometime it's pitch black and frightening, so I've started taking A TORCH to work. How many people do you know who need to take a torch to work, and who does not actually work down a coalmine or anything? It's weird.

IF you think you'd like to come and work here, let me know, I expect I can earn a bonus for getting people in. You need to bring your own torch, or you could drive, like most of the people who work there seem to do.

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