Blog2011 ≫ Dinosaurs at the museum

Great weekend, long weekend, started off with a bonus half day. Realised at Friday lunchtime that I still have four days holiday to use by the end of this month and no time to do it, so thought I'd just get out of work early and take nearly half a day off there. Had to wait for the boy to wake up so Clare could come and collect me, but then we headed to Brockhill Park where I had a lovely lunch and then we fed the ducks and played in the park. The ducks were particularly bold today for some reason, coming up and taking the bread from our hands, the boy was a bit wary of them. Met a nanny in the park who was there with another boy who was just a month older than ours. That's what she said anyway, I suspect he was actually an adult midget or perhaps a Benjamin Button type, as he spoke an unfeasible amount. He was singing songs and telling the names of all the dinosaurs and repeating entire stories, all this at twenty two months. We think our boy has quite an advanced vocabulary, perhaps we are kidding ourselves.

Saturday, to the Natural History Museum! Treated ourselves to the high speed train, though it came to thirty eight pounds each, I thought it would be less than that at the weekend. The robbing bastards. Lovely day, though we spent most of it queuing. The boy enjoyed himself, we saw the dinosaurs and the big model of the blue whale, which was the main point of it. Also fitted in a lunch at Ask at Gloucester Road which was alright.

IRRITATINGLY Picasa has just errored importing my pictures and video of the day and deleted the whole lot, it's all gone from the memory card in the camera too! Not happy about this hope I can recover them somewhow.

I bought the book Harry and the dinosaurs at the museum1 as the boy insisted, he tried to sit on my knee in the shop saying "read it, read it, read it" so I thought I should. As soon as we got to a convenient place to read the book (on the train) he was having none of it, and still won't look at it now.

Done some cleaning today, and a few little DIY jobs. Downloading and organsing my museum photos and planning to make a video out of them (HA wrote this bit before Picasa ate the whole lot!) while Clare is out walking to Waitrose with the boy. Then a night of CRIME and chilli ahead, brilliant. That Danish series The Killing is brilliant isn't it?

UPDATE: I have got all my pictures and video transferred, if I've lost anything I can't figure out what it was. Will compile it all up into a youtube vid asap.

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