Blog2006 ≫ Still no Cure tickets

More went on sale just now for the Teenage Cancer Trust gig at the Albert Hall, but they must have sold out by the presale link yesterday. Looks like ebay is your best bet then.

Today I'm mostly working on adding some social networking type stuff to popex, got punter pages like this so far, not sure where to go with it though. The old popex chums charts are still there, but some of the new "this person is my friend" type stuff is probably in order. It's really just an excuse to throw some FOAF links in, on a decent sized user base. Will work these into my Folkestone directory1 at some point too. No idea right now how to get a "this person is in your extended network" as quickly as other sites do, I'm guessing they have a lot more hardware and processing power, and / or they just lie and say EVERYONE is in your extended network. The latter sounds pretty plausible.

Happy Valentines day btw.

Oh, a friend got Cure tickets from Stargreen in the end, so looks like her and Clare will be going.

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