Blog2009 ≫ Where did the weekend go?

Great weekend, went to Fareham, saw family and friends, probably for the last time before baby is born for most of them... Went to Chichester, Clare had never been before, it was NICE! Had lunch in a vegetarian cafe that was NICE, foolishly offered to drive everyone there for the novelty of it, forgot there would be great pubs in Chichester. Went for a walk in Priory Park. Again, NICE! Just found there is a real ale and jazz festival1 there in July, wonder if we can get back for that?

Dinner in Ask in Fareham, then drinks with friends in the Red Lion. All went far too quickly, great to see you though chaps and chapesses.

Brilliant dinner on Sunday with the family then a long drive back... wasn't a bad journey back, roads quite clear. Nice to be doing it in daylight, but without having to leave too early. Isn't the Summer brilliant? OK, Spring then.

Bought a huge mirror in Chichester, just about fit in in the car, obviously had to carry it up many flights at home on my own. I need to do more lifting and carrying, it must be doing me good, pain = gain, yes?

Busy busy at work today.

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