Blog2008 ≫ Where'd the weekend go?

In fact where did the week go since I last had something to write about? Had plenty going on, I put it down to trying to learn the guitar, and the tips of my fingers are in far too much pain to type, so sorry if I go a bit slowly.

If anyone has any good resources for how to quickly learn the chords to some songs, and change between chordsd quickly enough for it to sound like a song still, without your finger tips hurting, then [reply]please, let me know[/reply].

The weekend was great, friend Emma came down to visit, we went to the pub, but also we stayed in and played pool and darts two days running, we never play pool any more. Chambers was nice on the Saturday night, medium quiet though I would say. There's a much more sophisticated air in there these days, not sure what it is, it seems to tie in with the smoking ban, but I can't really see a connection. Maybe they started doing food later when that came in? Who knows. Got caught in the first humungous downpour on the way home from the pub that night, crazy wet, I heard we were due a monsoon but thought that was just TV talk. Then last night, what was that all about? I was half interested in getting up to look at the lightning out of the window, but I thought stood up I'm a far greater target. I really did expect the house to be struck.

Have had a company car all week, which is nice, trying not to drive unneccessarily but still found an excuse to nip out at lunchtime today. I've been doing my bit though I think by giving three other people a lift in, that's probably at least another two cars of the road for this week. Hmm, it's easy to justify being a petrol head innit?

Been really busy at work too, so no time to slack off and blog stuff, even at lunch time, gah.

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