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Bah, I wrote this out once already and closed the browser by mistake... had kind of a busy week at work, that's got to be a good thing, but it's meant not really any time for writing here in the day time, and some days have seen me concentrating on stuff so much that I've not wanted to really sit down in front of the computer screen again when I got home. That and Clare's new addiction to Hot Water1 and Ten Pin Bowling2 on has seen me away from the PC for the best part of a week.

The weekend was great, starting with a pub lunch at The Drum on Friday, because our three IP students were leaving our place to go back to uni. Perhaps the afternoon wasn't as productive as it might have been, and then we were straight out after work to Canterbury; a bit too long in the Wetherspoons waiting for people to arrive so barely time for a pint each in The Dolphin and Simple Simon's before a long train journey back home.

Saturday was the day of my aunt's big birthday party in Portsmouth, so we borrowed a car and sat in queues of traffic most of the day. We were hoping to get down there in time for lunch at Gunwharf3 (Though it seems there's actually no Wagamama there anyway), but no chance - a sandwich in a car park in Whiteley45 had to do.

The party was excellent, loads of food and drink and a Tom Jones impersonator, and so good to see so many of the family at once. Dad, did you get the memo that though it was a Caribbean theme, it was NOT fancy dress?

Great news to end the weekend on, a baby boy to [s]Andrea[/s] ANDY and Hazel. Good luck and best wishes with your newly expanded family. Maybe I'll even send a card expressing these thoughts - after not buying Clare an anniversary card at the weekend (two years) I have had impressed upon me the importance of such tokens. What with the party and the travelling we kind of missed our anniversary, so we're going to try and make up for it this weekend with dinner at Escondido for a change, and maybe a Wagamama too.

Another busy week this week too, and already yesterday has been lost to fixing up a cut corner that I took on a job months ago, bah... Still, just about on track now.

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