Blog2010 ≫ Sick weekend

Harry and I both been down with something...

If I have not been cleaning sick out of the boy's cot this weekend, I have been bent over the bowl myself, not nice. We are both a bit ill, though Clare is still OK. Unfortunately she's working over the weekend, at the White Cliffs Apple fair, doing a few extra hours to show willing and earn some extra money. So no-one to take care of us! Actually we have both been fine in the day time, but something happens at night to bring on the spewing. I'm feeling the worst this morning, the boy is tottering around quite happily. I think I am justified in just plonking us both in front of the TV all day. I was thinking of going to the Apple Fair later, but might not.

Just to be clear, the sick in the boy's cot was his. What do you take me for?

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