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Heard a bit over the weekend about finding out the price of any house online, for a small fee, so going to have a go... mouseprice.com1 is the first one I've seen, though I don't know it if's any better than any of the others... Checking out my own postcode, I can see when all our neighbours houses were last sold, and for just another 95p I can see how much they sold for! I am too afeared to see what my flat sold for in March 2002 as it's sure to be about half what I paid for it, but it's interesting to see that all the other flats in the block have sold recently. I'm not such a fresh faced incomer to the established community I thought. The groundfloor flat on my side was sold in June 2000, and then again in October 2001, and two flats next door were sold twice in the same period. As suspected the previous owner of my flat wasn't there long. Later today I will see just what sort of a fortune she made with her illegal laminate floor. But not just yet.

Alternative sites are myhouseprice.com2 and the official at a slightly pricier two pounds a go... They do warn that the info provided does not provide historical or genealogical information, and does not provide details about the internal layouts or contents of any building. I'm sure someone at work found out some historical info recently, so will find out how...

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