Blog2018 ≫ Back doing PHP for the first time in ages

Wow remember when everything was PHP? This website was all PHP until very recently actually, but I didn't actually do any coding to maintain it. I'm fixing up an old system for work, something that should have been replaced years ago but is still in daily use. It's hard work, the quality of the old code is, er, interesting. I can't complain too much though as it was me that wrote most of it, probably ten years ago.

Kids sports day today so I'm leaving at lunchtime to go and see that then will be back working from 3pm onwards.

Not such a nice day today, yesterday was pretty much a scorcher. Today is overcast. Hope it doesn't actually rain, as this would postpone the sports day and then Clare would miss out by not being able to get the time off for the backup day.

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