Blog2006 ≫ Ripper indeed

Been plotting some writings regarding the Ipswich prostitute murders, getting a bit annoyed at the press calling this guy "the ripper"1. He's not ripped so much as a sheet of toilet paper as far as we know, he's been suffocating in Suffolk, can no-one find a more accurate name for him? I've taken so long formulating my thoughts that other people have made the point far more eloquently2, possibly everyone has, so I'll not bother. I like "Suffolk Strangler" myself, or possibly "East Anglian ender of existence".

Got more to get off my chest (mostly just regarding TV, podcasts, and Amazon, but am chocka in my last few days of this job at Poke3, so it'll have to wait. The free lunch was something cheesey today so had to use valuable blogging time going to Brick Lane to get a wrap and a Quinoa salad. Did not see David Schwimmer who is apparently filming in the area with Simon Pegg (and getting in trouble with the locals for painting over some [abe]Banksy[/abe] graffiti. [abe=Banksy]Banksy originals[/abe] sell for tens of thousands of pounds now, hard to know how to put a price on something on the side of a chip shop though.

I did see Michael Hesseltine4 this morning on my way in to work though, just [gmap=spital square, london]where Spital Square meets Bishopsgate[/gmap]. Not spotted any celebs for ages, rather disappointed to have missed Scarlett Johanson and Natalie Portman in Folkestone recently. Via Stu at startrip.tv5.

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