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Every morning we watch ten minutes or so of gm.tv1 while we're having our tea and toast, and every morning one of their news stories is about X-Factor, it's such a huge dirty scam. Today's tale is a terrible example of what I'm on about, as everyone's running it; Louis Walsh quits... This is worse than the wrestling! No-one has any interest in the acts, everyone's staying tuned for the soap opera style back story. I don't watch it, but Sharon if you're out there, break a chair over the other two's heads and I might tune in. Ooh Big Time American Wrestling is at the Leas Cliff Hall this Friday, should we go..?

New paragraph. The first rule about blog club is, you DO NOT talk about work, but yesterday our company announced a reverse takeover. No idea what this means, but we will ultimately be trading on the stock exchange again I think.

Looks like I've got my post shrinking / expanding thing working on here now, it'll only show up in full effect if you're registered2 and use the username / password when you post comments. Quite pleased with it, it's all good clean valid code, and terribly discreet javascript. This is a good thing.

Yesterday I started watching Joss Whedon's Firefly3, one episode so far, not bad, totally a western in space though. 90% cliches, 10% cool surprises. You can rent it if you join the amazon rental scheme here3, we have, and it's ace.

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