Blog2009 ≫ PLEASE NOTE Seats located on Level 4 (Upper Tier, Upper Bowl) are not recommended for those who have a fear of heights

#Cure #O2 gig experience on Thursday is sounding rum

Was talking to a friend yesterday who was too afraid to stand up when she went to the O2 because her seat was too high up. I'm sure it won't be that bad, I am building it up a bit for comic effect, but crikey. Also:

Please note there are planned engineering works due to take place on a number of weekends on the Jubilee line. This may affect your transport to the show. You are strongly advised to check the TFL website for updates

Does not affect us, we have prebooked parking. Ticketless parking note, but STILL there is a 2.50 booking fee on it. Bandits.

Still cheap standing tickets here1, you'd not get them in the post in time though now. The Killers are there tonight, getmein have taken tickets off sale now, though they were on offer for four times the price of The Cure tickets. Enjoy if you're going!

The fear of heights is acrophobia.

UPDATE: Here's the view from level 4, the view from level four of the O2 Arena...

💬 The Cure / NME Big Gig

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