Blog2018 ≫ Great school, rubbish swimming

School is going well for these boys I think. Both found the start of the new term a bit slow going, being given work that is too easy for them, as the new teachers find the pace. But thing two especially is finding this term's topic intersting, they did a bit on The Plague and then into The Great Fire Of London. I keep telling him to talk about when we climbed up the Monument to the fire in London, but he says he keeps being overlooked.

Thing one is doing the Mayans still. Tonight after dinner we might have a little announcement for them about nex year's holiday...

Swimming yesterday was weird, I thought thing two had done really well, just about swimming a width, when the club organiser came over. I thought she was going to say he's been moved up to the next group, about time. No, she says she is concerned, he's just not getting it, he won't do the right things, does he even want to be here? The implication was what is the point in us carrying on. She was a bit rude I think and thoughtless to make these comments in front of him, when he thought he was doing well.

My suspicious mind tells me they remembered I do not support the plans to move the swimming pool to Princes Parade, as I do not trust the development plans at all. I am thinking they just had some bad news about the future of the club and took it out on me.

We are going to carry on until they throw us out of the club.

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