Blog2007 ≫ I know you like to be kept up to date on my work fun days

Especially for you Dean, but I know everyone likes to be kept up to date on what goes on here at work:

Holiday Extras pre-Christmas celebrations on 20th December lets make it a fun day. There will be prize for the team who look the most Christmassy:-

We will be starting the day off with a glass of bubbly or fruit juice served by our famous Santas.

Knackered Chef will then be providing us with sausage or bacon or bacon & egg or egg & hash brown rolls. ..

At lunchtime... we have [business stuff] There will be some yummy nibbles to keep you going until the afternoon.

Dont miss the fantastic raffle at this catch up. Everyone will receive two tickets and you need to write your name on both and put one ticket in the box on Reception by 11am...

Raffle Prizes are:- Dell PC with flat screen Flybe return flight for two (destination of your choice) Luxury Food Hamper Ice Skating in Hyde Park Winter Wonderland for 4 Bottle of Champagne

For the afternoon we have hired the best tea ladies/men (the HoTs are coming to town) They will be also be dishing out cake and mince pies.

"HoTs" are our heads of teams I think, I hope they're dressed up.

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