Blog2011 ≫ Automated tests doing my head in

That's it, nothing more to say on the matter, I have some automated tests, they are not passing, and it's doing my head in.

Should be a nice week this week, once I get these tests and my one bus journey of the week out of the way. Monday evenings I have to get the bus home because Clare's waiting in for our groceries to be delivered at home time. Monday's are a bit of a rush. Tomorrow got nothing lined up, but Wednesday I am in London and meeting up with some old Fortune City friends at the Hemingford, looking forward to that. So providing I find my way home in one piece I have a normal day of work on Thursday then straight to the pub for two friends' birthdays and then Friday is a day off. Nice.

No more missing cat notices on the blog for a while I hope, but it was such a plaintive e-mail.

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