Blog2018 ≫ I do not have to do a tax return next year, hmm

Hmm got an update from HMRC following this year's tax return (what I have already done even though it's not due until next month, what what) and they say I don't have to do one next year. This is great, except I think I do because I had some share selling going on this year. Hmm a quandary - I think I had best just do it.

Run this morning, very cold out there, and windy. Wind coming in from the South-East so into my face while trying to run home along Princes Parade. I had to stop and come inland again, run back along the road for shelter. Was so dark I struggled to find the path at the end of the golf course. The cold wind meant a bad time, down to six minutes per kilometre at one point.

Working from home today again, though no unusual pick ups to worry about. Few cleaning and tidying jobs to do ready for important visitors tomorrow afternoon. At least swimming is cancelled tonight, so that's the end of term for that.

Work conference day in the morning, which I am doing a little talk at. I do not relish this, I hope it goes well. I should practice it out loud, but in fact I will just wing it tomorrow, have it go badly, and say "next time I will definitely practice".

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