Blog2011 ≫ Where did my holiday go (part five)?

I'm actually back at work now, and have ten minutes left of lunch to write up the rest of the time off. While we were in Brighton Mum and Dad and everyone were at paintballing, for Nephew's birthday. Everyone had fun, the boy could not be convinced to take part though. The paintballing people offered him the chance to put the gear on and fire a gun, but he wasn't keen. He did not want his picture taken with the alien monster there either, shame, he is generally not keen on photos.

Next morning, off to Peppa Pig World at Paulton's Park. Closer to Mum and Dad's than I thought, just a burn along the motorway. A bit hairy when we got to the motorway exit and traffic was queueing already but we got in OK. Discounted tickets through work1 thank you very much! Very busy inside, everyone and their toddler was queueing for various Peppa Pig themed bits, so we split in to two teams. Clare, Dad, and nephews went looking for big rides in the main part of the park and Mum and I took the boy in to the Peppa Pig bit. Too much queueing for the first ride we tried, so we headed in to George's fun house a kidz planet type thing that he loved. We had some trouble in that you can't wear shoes in there but can't go barefoot, as the boy was in sandals on this hot day, but as he wouldn't stay still they couldn't throw us out. The main difficulty was trying to get the boy to try different bits, as everything he saw was just the most fun ever he could not quite picture there was another fun thing just around the corner. So a few tears when I had to tear him away from one bit only for him to find the next bit even better.

Main queueing action was on George's Dinosaur Adventure, probably not quite worth the wait. The queues did die down over the day, but there's so much else to do at the park that you don't really have to queue long for anything.

A picnic lunch and then we all headed in to the bigger part of the park. I had a couple of goes on The Edge which is probably their biggest ride. Good, though I am not a fan of rides generally. Biggest disappointment is that some combination of my new camera and Picasa seem to have erased all the videos I took :-( Got lots of pictures though which I will upload as soon as Picasa stops buggering about.

At the end of the day we had another race around the Peppa Pig rides - almost no queueing at this point, so pick your times carefully. Stopped in the Harvester in Fareham on the way home for a feast, very good. We did call ahead to the Port Solent Harvester but they could not book us a table or say how long we might have to wait, they say just to turn up. They have been SPECTACULARLY UNHELPFUL on almost every visit, whereas the Fareham branch by contrast were great.

Home and quite exhausted, but still keen to make more of our holiday Clare and I headed to the Seagull again. Pool table free this time Clare won one game but no more after that, haha...

Nope, still got more to write later, you will hear about my decorating.

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