Wahey wa-ireless!

Wahey wa-ireless!

First post from the new computer, well the old, very old computer, but using [and netgear wg111](http://www.ubuntu.com the new operating system]]" title="wireless). It's not perfect, the connection does keep dropping, but that could be any number of things. It's been quite a long struggle as [the card itself, a Negear WG111 yet and it's been lots of faffing around to get going, but I'm just about here now. This helped, though I'm sure the info on there is wrong regarding how you tell which version you have. Still all a bit fiddly for your average user, though probably your average user would have just gone a spent a few quid on a new wireless card that was supported, but I'm too mean.

That's not all I've done this weekend (though mostly it is), full report to come later. First breakfast, then work :-(

php: Old programming language of the web, how I used to earn a wage.

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Tue May 29 2007

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