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I have my new starter at work, our industrial placement from Canterbury University for the year. He seems a nice guy, but in making conversation I asked him what he was listening to... Simply Red! Phil Collins! Robbie Williams! This guy is not even twenty yet, but he told me these names with a straight face, not even a "oops I picked up your mum's ipod by mistake". I am very disappointed, I have this guy for the whole year. How on earth am I going to shoehorn in my favourite stories of "oh you like XXX do you, I remember their first gig at the Camden toilet" etc. It's not even worth wheeling out the time I saw Nirvana is it, it's not even going to register.

Feeling more sensitive than usual about music this week, I am facing up to the fact that I am getting too old to rock. KISS are playing at Donington tomorrow, their first time in the UK for ten years. I have been promising myself for years that the next time they played anywhere even vaguely accessible I'd go, but then gradually I talked myself out of all the nearby foreign shows, or the ones that could have coincided with a holiday. Now they're here, and I can't even be bothered to drag myself along. If it was London (I tell myself now) then I'd have made the effort, but up to the midlands and having to camp and that (and PAY more to the point), I can't really be doing with it.

Last time I saw them (only time I saw them), I got free tickets as I was working at nme.com1 at the time, and I didn't fully appreciate it then, I remember leaving early to go and meet friends. What a false fan I am.

Had a strange music industry related dream last night, I was meant to go and interview Amy Winehouse for someone, think it was for a website, and the guy who was sending me along said "I hope you're based in Camden, because that's the centre of things" and I was about to tell him I wasn't really that central, when I woke up.

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