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Dumper of a journey in today, something up with the train at Folkestone resulted in the driver not letting anyone on until something (I overheard) had been "rebooted"... we puffed and we pootled as far as Westenhanger (two stops) and then got stuck behind another train that had broken down, for a good hour and a half. We got kicked off our train at Ashford with the cheery news that we could change there for a non stopping service straight into Victoria, but it turns out we were misled and this non stopping service would be held up all the way behind a regular stopping service. SO, two hours late into work today. Info at Victoria say there's not actually a claim form (I read in the paper that if you're more than an hour late you're entitled to some kind of refund) but he gave me some customer comment forms. Looking at the SE Trains Passenger's Charter1 we're nto entitled to anything unless 3% of trains this month are delayed, and I guess they have their own flexible way of negotiating these deadlines.

More about the rugby and the weekend when I've caught up with my work.

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