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The flat I went to see in Kingsnorth Gardens has dropped it's asking price... that was a good flat, in a good location, with almost enough room if we took the smallest room as a bedroom... just read my original diagnosis again and maybe I'm looking in a rose tinted rear view mirror... However, if a place like that can come up at that price, surely there must be more...

Builder came to see the flat just now, to sort out the leak the roof work needs scaffolding up, which means negotiating with downstairs to get access, hopefully the agency will deal with all this, but I can't see it somehow...

Today's work plan is some better handling of tables of information, to be able to process the columns of numbers that will be used in the street team project, and also do some excel file writing at last, for the gig guides - the team are copying and pasting the output I've created into an excel document still, very bloody annoying and a huge waste of time for them.

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Wed Dec 17 2003

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