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Ace weekend, shame the weather was so poor, as it was again this morning. The family came, and it was very nice, though mostly I made them stay in the flat and work. We did go out for a mighty dinner at The Jackdaw, none of the adults managed to clear their plates, though that's down to portion size I think and nothing up with the meals themselves. I went for the vege jambalaya, something I've not had before and asked for the "extra hot" option, bit of a mistake as it turns out... This meant an extra helping of creole spices, and some fresh bird eye chillis liberally scattered throughout the dish. All was fine until I checked out just how hot these chillis would be and I NEARLY DIED. No really, it nearly took my head off. Luckily I had a pint of Black Cat on hand to attempt to extinguish the flames, but it took a while. Other meals enjoyed by us included a meat jambalaya (not extra hot though, puff), a couple of 20oz mixed grills, a wild mushroom pie, and another carribean fruit curry. I think apart from the mixed grills everyone would rather have had something else on the menu as it turns out, but I'm sure we'll return again. We should have nipped back the next day for lunch, as (being the kind of hosts we are) we completely failed to provide a roast sunday lunch for our guests - it just didn't occur to us until everyone had gone, as at home we have a light lunch and then a big fat tea on a Sunday. Next time we will try better.

Apart from eating and sitting around, we tried to have an enjoyable wander around the antique shops of Sandgate, but the bad weather put paid to that really. Some went home at this point, but Mum, Dad and I took the boys to the Lower Leas Coastal Park, which is great.

We now have a super flushing toilet, cheers for the DIYing Dad and Dez, now we are INSPIRED, well slightly, to do the other things around the house that need doing. I will start by making a web page where I can list all the jobs that need doing, and then... no wait, come back!

Bad weather in Folkestone this morning, much better in London. Awoken on the commute in this morning by the train driver pressing the wrong button and playing "evacuate the train immediately, leave your belongings and run" across the PA. Apart from that, slept OK.

Seem to have a stack of work to do today, bah. The success of getting those videos below hosted elsewhere (and so saving us a load in bandwidth fees) is leading to more work, still it's good to be busy.

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