Blog2018 ≫ I need to update my linkedin profile

I need to update my linkedin, I keep getting job invite emails for php jobs, as I last updated ten years ago or so. Soon my skills listed on there will be so retro, my value will go up though, nice. I rarely do any php, I'm even migrating one of our last internal php based systems to node express + react.

Everyone up early today, as Clare has work, and I have to cycle to Hythe to get a lift to work, so the boys have gone to breakfast club. This actually means me hanging around with nothing to do for a while, but it would be cutting it too fine if I took them to school as normal and then race to Hythe. Don't want the workmate who is offering me a lift to get annoyed waiting for me, as this lift will save me a fiver a day in bus money. Riding in this bad weather is not great fun though.

Shareholders meeting yesterday was fairly uneventful, though all broadly positive I think.

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