Stewart Lee gig is also postponed

Stewart Lee gig is also postponed

Following the confirmation of the Love/Hate gig being postponed way into next year, the Stewart Lee tickets that Clare got me for christmas have been pushed back even further, to May 2022.

At least the pubs should be open before then! Sounds like the boys are going back to school two weeks from today. Just after pay day, which will be handy as I bet they need shoes, and have probably even outgrown their uniforms. Then outdoor pubs could be open from the twelth of April, so we might be back where I said for our after tea game of cards on that day. Going to be a longer journey for the Inn Doors unfortunately, as they have no outside space.

Shares are doing very badly right now , but then again I got the refund for that bunk bed that the boy doesn't know want, so I'm still in profit! Of all my shares it's only Ryanair that are going up, it could be the news about everything starting to open up again. Don't think we can think about a holiday though, we are entirely dependent on Clare's work. Any holiday for us this year is likely to be a very short trip indeed.

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