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Things have picked up pace a bit, nice!

Our buyer is now pushing us to exchange contracts! Result, we thought they were the slow one... we have signed and will be giving them back to the solicitor tomorrow, I hope that our purchase can go quickly enough now. We will hopefully be completed this month, could really do with that anyway as we can't complete while all our little helpers are off on holiday in August. Anyone recommend a removals firm in Folkestone?

Just put the boy to bed, now he's stopped being breastfed and has a normal cup of milk at bedtime he goes down practically in seconds flat, it's amazing. We thought it would be worse for him, but it seems to be much better.

Been hectic at work this week, something to do with the world cup (effectively) being over makes everyone want to book their holiday and particularly theme park breaks1, Legoland, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park etc, it's going crazy. This means really good days in terms of numbers of bookings made but super pressure on our infrastructure. Also I have been in training today, which has been OK. Also on the subject of work our local MP Damian Collins is coming in to the office tomorrow, so we have to be on our best behaviour. I saw our downstairs neighbour wearing a blue rosette this morning, she is a bit of a tory party activist, I have the horrible impression that she will be accompanying him. On the night he won his seat he came round here for drinks, which made me very very unpopular when I took down all the posters and signs that I suppose were meant to be welcoming him

Friday-Friday today, this means we get to have some BOOZE, probably while watching Inspector Morse again. Well we have quite a busy weekend planned, me especially so it's good to start off sedately like this.

Why have there been no new episodes of House for ages?

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