Blog2007 ≫ Wagamama today

Going to spend a fairly lazy day around the pubs of Canterbury, starting with a lunch at Wagamama, and HEY, we got a voucher:

wagamama voucher from

That's from this feature1 that a friend alerted us to, we'd be going there today anyway though, nice.

Had a good week, felt busy because it was short. Been struggling with some code, at work and on this site. I rewrote a calendar that's in use on several work sites, including Legoland Holidays2 and Legoland Hotels3 where it's working really well, and on the "no availability" page of Show and Stay where it still needs a bit of work. The "not live" version of that page is A MESS right now, I didn't like leaving it over the weekend, hope I can remember where I as up to.

See I've also put the sweet titles / tool tip code on both of those sites too. Still working on an experimental version for here too, which I can't quite finish off. It's not just that the colour's changed from black to purple when you hover over a link, now the hover stays in place so long as you are hovered over either the original link, or the new hover itself. I am wanting to put more related links and images and things in there, but at the moment as soon as your mouse runs over any link inside the purple hover box (or in fact any [em]tag[/em] within the hover, like an image or some bold or italics text) the code says "your mouse is over something new now, I'm closing the box" which is not my intention... maybe I need to get the coordinates of the new box and say keep it open while your mouse is within those coords, and not just when the onMouseOver4 reports something new...

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