Blog2004 ≫ Yahoo Mail

Maybe it's because I set my "out of office" reply to say "I'm not using this account any more", or maybe they've made the same offer to everyone, but Yahoo mail1 just changed... they've gone up to 100MB of storage, with a 10MB max for each mail. Are they feeling the heat from Gmail2? I expect so...

Found a Big Brother RSS Feed, there's nothing on it yet apart from "just testing... here's another test", bah... will sync with this one3 later... Annoyingly IPOD Agent doesn't seem to be synchronising automatically on connection still, GoogleGet is working fine, but it's not so customisable. I wish the two of them would work together...

Yahoo are doing some stuff with RSS, if I check out it has content from here and from popex, which is nice.

Enough nerdery, tonight's the night for Goldie Lookin' Chain at Islington Academy, looking forward to that!

💬 Goldie Lookin' Chain

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