Blog2010 ≫ Great long weekend

snow + tart tatin + days off = result!

Took a day's holiday Friday because of the snow, as working from home with Clare and The boy around was harder work than I'd thought, so had a super long weekend. Snow was lovely while it was here, apart from a few minutes out in it with the boy I did not venture out until Friday afternoon when it had started to thaw. Clare took a long walk to Waitrose in the snow while the boy was napping on Thursday lunchtime, so we did not run out of food.

Made a tart tatin yesterday, mostly this recipe1. Quite a lot more hassle than I expected, I only thought of doing it as I thought it would be very simple. Still, very nice, though I think I burnt the sugar a bit. Will be making another one this weekends for our dinner party soiree... This time I need to use a bigger tin, or less syrup + apple, as the syrup overflowed in the oven and burned, filling the place with smoke. Also our oven door broke off (it's a bit dodgy on one site) as I opened it. It's easy to pop the oven door back in again, but not when it's hot and I have a hot tin of flaming napalm syrup in one hand.

Brought some of the tart tatin in to work today, along with some jam puff pasties that I made with the leftover pastry. And I've eaten them already. Fatal bringing a cold lunch in that I can eat at my desk.

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