Blog2007 ≫ I'm the walking dude (and so's my wife)

Splendid weekend, thanks for asking, starting off with what's becoming a regular routine; a quiet night in Friday night then a trip to Canterbury Saturday daytime. Had a lovely Wagamama, only slightly marred by me biting through my lip again. In the afternoon Clare went to have her hair done and I went to The Dolphin with Dean, we sat and shot the breeze in the garden there for a few hours.

Saturday night a Thai green curry round at Dom and Jen's, in honour of Dean's birthday, 21 again. We seem to have polished off a few unusual drinks (Whitstable Oyster Stout was a highlight for me1), but a good time was definitely had by all

Sunday, we walked. Got our groceries out of the way in the morning, and walked along the beach and the canal path to Hythe and back, that's a round trip of at least eight miles, the most exercise I've done in a while. We did reward ourselves with a stop at The Carousel Lounge, a fairly new place in Hythe, that was nice enough. Bit lacking in character, but a good range of ales2. As a reward for walking all the way back we stopped in The Ship in Sandgate on the way back, pretty much undoing all our good walking.

We did not see Dave the Dolpin from the beach at all, but plenty of ducks, a couple of kestrels of some sort, and I SWEAR I saw a kingfisher, and not just on the label of a bottle floating in the canal.

Lovely walk, and not at all suffering for it today, I could do it again RIGHT NOW if I wasn't quite so busy at work today.

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