Blog2008 ≫ Who will buy my Stereophonics tickets

Slight repost from Folkestone Gerald and my blog / forum there:

I can't decide whether or not to go to Stereophonics next Tuesday, we have messed up a bit in arranging a lie in the following morning so it's not really convenient now. Do you want my stereophonics tickets? [reply]Make me an offer[/reply].

I half thought I'd put these tickets on ebay, but as with the last time I thought this I couldn't be bothered. And now it looks like we might really have to go! Clare is not working from home the next day so will not even want to stay until the end. This snap purchase, at more than thirty quid a ticket is not seemingly like my brightest idea at the moment. As it's a warm up too, I don't think they're even going to have a good support.

Also on a ticket tip vip tickets for zoo thousand at less than the cost price of normal tickets, less even than the cost we got them at work where we were offered a big fat discount through our social club. We're off to a party in London or we would have gone I think. Enjoy if you are, I'm sure lots of people locally are going, and are goign to go wild and festival crazy for a few days. I can't see many people travelling in from out of the area for it though.

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