Blog2009 ≫ Swine Flu Essentials

RT @philipbeel amazing marketing strategy!

This from my twittering workmates1 @philibeel2 and @jamesosborne793. What a scam from Blockbuster using "Swine Flu Essentials" as a headline, just to get the search engine placing! Maybe I should resort to using Swine Flu Essentials as a blog post title or something!

I'm definitely surprised The Void4 has not tried this already.

I saw a film yesterday actually The Taking Of Pelham 1235 (no not that one5) it was good had wanted to watch it for a very long time but I am just never arsed to watch films. A chum at work lent it sowe sat down to it last night. Bit confused by the ending, seemd to fizzle a bit and leaves a lot unanswered. I bet it's all spelled out with the subtlety of a pan around the head in the remake5. But I don't suppose I will find out now.

💬 ah forgot to attach my own take on that here

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