Blog2008 ≫ The three rules of vegetarian food

From Neil1, I hope he doesn't mind me reproducing this here, it's spot on. We were discussing pies:

A veggie one would be possible, were it not for the first of the "food industry 3 laws of vegetarian food", i.e. "don't make it any fun", so unfortunately veggie pies have to be in a kind of tough brown pastry which is actually made from the bark of a particular species of pine.

The second law is of course "make it a bit more expensive than meaty food, even though there is less in it", and the third law is "even though the choice is limited, as soon as something good emerges and people like it, try to stop making it"

Whatever did happen to Linda McCartney Southern Fried Grills2? Perhaps these were the elusive foodstuffs that were supposedly vegetarian but were really made out of meat?

Speaking of crazy urban whatnames, there's a rumour sweeping our office that a local business has been cloning people's bank cards, supposedly two people at work had this happen to them, and now everyone else who's visited the same business (which I won't name here) is panicking, waiting for the fake payments on their statements.

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