Blog2007 ≫ The wrong kind of trees on the line

What a great day to start commuting again. Back on the five past midnight train into work this morning (ok, five past seven), and in my semi conscious repose I became more or less aware that the train was at a standstill, somewhere in mid kent. The train in front of us had only hit A TREE, how did that happen? Must have been the monster wind we've had, blew some fairly hefty foliage onto the tracks, which caused the preceding engine some difficulty. The guard on our train told us the other train had "lost two shoes", which I thoguht was train slang for having a couple of it's wheels broken off, but it's actually the brushes that touch the live rail and provide power. A team came out from Ashford and fixed it up, and I was only an hour and a half late in the end.

So, late into work, and lots of changes to be made before the Malice Box Quest1 game actually goes properly live on Monday, so no time to blog from work today. No time even to mention last night's exciting Relocation, Relocation. Not only did they almost consider looking at properties in Folkestone, but the relocater was called Paul Clarke. I wonder if anyone saw that and thought it was me? It wasn't, I wish I had 650k to spend on a house.

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