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Spamalot was quite good, not brilliant, best bit for me was seeing Tim Curry in the lead role. It's all the same story / jokes as the film.

Went to The Three Greyhounds before the show, very good, small but nice old pub style pub. Four real ales on and some kind of "ale idol" setup where you can vote for the next one they get in. Went back to the pub after the show, and really had to walk directly past the stage door of the theatre anyway, we definitely didn't hang around there like teenage Take That fans, but we did somehow end up getting our pictures taken with Tim Curry. Only camera phone no flash grainy quality, but you can tell it's him and us. [s]Will post when we get them off Clare's phone.[/s]

Johnny Vegas was there too, sat just behind us, and also curiously loitering at the stage door. We did not have our pictures taken with him.

Pizza Express dinner was also ace, and our hotel at Victoria was nice. Journey into work this morning was nearly as long as from Folkestone, because Victoria was closed and some busses were on strike. Victoria wasn't due to be shut, I heard before leaving the hotel that the Victoria line was shut south of Victoria, and north of Kings Cross, should have been OK for me. I think they closed it all due to overcrowding or something. I got a 73 for the first time in ages, just about resisted the urge to stay on until Stoke Newington.

Free lunch was good here yesterday, chilli and baked potato and salad, UPDATE: today not quite so good for me, some sort of ratatouille.

High speed rail link to open in one year? Really? That does say Folkestone to Ebbsfleet is open already, not sure what that means, there are no scheduled services running there.

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