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This is a faster parkrun than it looks. I should have been in good time this morning but in trying to avoid some roadworks on the way there I went down a road in Sandgate completely closed by roadworks. Then diverting myself around that I hit more roadworks in Folkestone. I parked on our old road Earls Avenue and ran to parkrun, getting there a good minute after they'd set off. So, while this was a good run for recent times, I'm owed at least a minute off this. It was a great run! Not sure why this is, I can't spot a pattern between not drinking for a week now and running every day and this result. Let's see what happens the rest of the month...

Folkestone parkrun results for event #418. Your time was 00:25:52.

Congratulations on completing your 141st parkrun and your 128th at Folkestone parkrun today. You finished in 114th place out of a field of 385 parkrunners. You were the 95th male and came 15th in your age category VM50-54. Take a look at this week's full set of results on our website. Your PB at Folkestone parkrun remains 00:20:50. Congratulations on your fastest time this year.

A fairly quiet day apart from this. Took the boys to grandpa's, did a trolley dash round Tesco on the way back. A light lunch of vegan sushi, then to the tip to get rid of our excess recycling. Then back into Folkestone. Dropped off some clothes and books in a charity shop. Was looking for a cafe with some vegan cake, but Folkestone was a bit quiet and I was out of luck. I see the Punch And Judy is now a new wine bar type place called something like Panarium, but it was closed. I did stumble across a new cafe bar with live music though that was a treat. It's on the same road as Chambers and the Firkin Alehouse and is called The Music Workshop. I only had a coffee and crisps as I only had an hour's free parking, but there was someone playing guitar and then someone soundchecking. They had drum kit set up and guitars everywhere. They encourage people coming in and playing, even kids, and they have workshops running throughout the week. There is a bar, but obvs no ale, but still I think we should go back. I will try and drag friends in there for a break between pubs and definitely go there with the boys. Good luck to them.

The Music Workshop And Cafe, Folkestone

While on that street I also bought some alcohol free beer from The Firkin Alehouse. Then to Park Farm and a new shower hose from Wickes. Exciting stuff.

Quiet at home, boys still out, Clare at work. My new lightswitches did not arrive so no home automation for me today.

Monitoring the football online, Pompey are having a rare loser today, to way-down-the-table Cheltenham.

Guessing 1492 cups of coffee from my espresso machine1 probably comes to £1.12 a cup (including actual coffee and now servicing1 so not the 'leccy).

runuary: Running at least 5k every day for the month of January.

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