Blog2008 ≫ So was that the summer then?

In the interest of being able to read back on this in years to come and reminisce about what was going on, I should have said something about the weather recently I think. But, I blinked, and it's gone now. Got a barbecue lined up for this Saturday, but I think that's going to be eaten indoors now. Hopefully today's rain is just a blip and a real summer will come back some time next month. A table tennis table appeared just outside my office window at some point while we were in Key West for staff to relieve tension on, but that's had to be hastily dragged under cover today when the rain started. We've not had any of the storms that were promised for the rest of the country yet though, have you?

Very busy with stuff at work right now, have been since we had this reshuffle a couple of weeks back really, lots of meetings and things, but just TONNES of work to do to. Have lots of interesting things that we want to do, but now the development team (all the teams in fact) have been split in two each team seems to have less than half the resources we had as a combined team. Maybe just an illusion though.

We are recruiting! If you are a development type in Kent, or are happy to work in Kent, please leave a message or drop me an email. We particularly want some PHP skills, but as long as you are professional we are flexible, there is more than one vacancy. A proper job ad will be going out soon but if you want to jump the queue get in touch.

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