Blog2012 ≫ Still ill (still)

Back in work today, though I still have a monster cold.

Watched Lemmy - the movie1 yesterday, very good. Not convinced by his explanation of why he has just so much nazi memorabilia, and surprised to see his home looks like an episode of "Hoarders - buried alive" but a great documentary anyway.

Oh this is the first day of austerity measures isn't it, dieting and cutting down on booze and that. It's going ok so far. I had two hummus bagels for lunch and some fruit, and have walked past the crisp machine many many times without stopping, even though there are some new Kent crisps looking good in there.

I got a new pedometer for christmas, it says I've only done 1200 steps so far today, so perhaps I've not walked past it that many times. The weather is atrocious today, haven't seen wind and rain like it for a while. If it wasn't for that I would probably have gone out for a run at lunchtime...

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