Blog2010 ≫ Great weekend, dreadful last leg of journey!

The boy was a monster in the car.

Very good flying visit to mum and dad's, ace to see everyone again, shame it has to be such a brief trip each time. No time to catch up with friends this time, but Clare and I went out for a later dinner at Ask, and it was very nice.

The boy has been a beast for the last hour of the drive home. He got bored of sitting in the car seat I think, bored of the long journey so he started screaming. And then carried on for the whole hour. Apart from that, a fine drive home. We've changed the way we go now, going via Chichester, Arundel and Horsham and up the M23 instead of the A3. We stopped in a McDonalds on the journey back, I bought a coffee and drank it. I have not bought anything in a McDonalds since I don't know when, must be twenty years.

As I am posting this everywhere else I might as well repeat here. My phone is dead, the charger is at work, I can't contact Chris or Vic from work to let them know they can't have a lift. So if you know them, can you? Cheers, tried Facebook, just want to be sure the message gets through and they don't turn up here in the morning...

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