Blog2006 ≫ Pig farm to open in Fareham

One for my homies here Fareham nightclub Prague junction to be turned into a pig farm1. Well possibly. The council keep rejecting plans to shut the club down and redevelop it as flats and offices as the land is earmark for a light rapid transit system that would link up all the surrounding towns, though this never seems likely to actually happen. MD of the Chapman group (who own it) says:

No-one wants us there any more, the police certainly don't, and we can't compete with the new clubs I may as well turn it into a pig farm.

Got home in fine time for the football yesterday, as I mostly ran from work to Charing Cross and made it with ten minutes to spare. Frustrating game to start with but the right result in the end, SMART! In other world cup / train related news, BOO, rail strike off, that was going to mean two days at home :-(

Having some grief with my new PC, DVD+RW driver was corrupted and I have no installation disks, but luckily best man Andy is on the case with some remote technical support. I want to get burning!

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