Blog2009 ≫ Suspicious Habitat Radius listings creeping in.

Some new Habitat Radius furniture listings this week on ebay, a wardrobe1 in Dorset, and a console table2 and bench / coffee table3 (we have one we use as a seat, they're using it as a coffee table) in Newark. But what's this4? OK, it's a coffee table, but it's not from the Radius range! I don't want to get all rain man about this but it's not the same at all! Take that name off your listing at once! This is the second time I've seen that this week, people are spotting somehow that there are lots of searches for the radius range. Mostly from me I think.

The wardrobe1 has started high at 250 quid, I'm positive it'll pass that, though the console table2 and bench3 start at only 99 pence, so get in. I expect a hundred quid plus for each of those.

This is becoming a regular feature of mine (REGULAR, not boring, just regular), I should give it a name. How about 'baywatch? Chum Stu used to write regularly for bayraider.tv5, if he still does (if you still do) you're missing a trick by not including an affiliate code in the ebay links, will surely convert a lot better than any of the ads.

Time for work.

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