Blog2006 ≫ Woo, new computer is on the way

I was all set to post some abuse about the unhelpfulness of the couriers used by Dell, I got the usual spiel on the phone about how they can't give me a smaller time frame than 8am to 6pm for delivery, they can't give the actual courier on the ground a number to call when he gets there, etc, so was resigned to having to collect the computer from some depot or other the weekend after next... BUT, the courier on the ground just called me and he's been proper helpful, he's hung around the area until I could track down someone to meet him. So our new computer will be available to us in no time at all!

New things for the day, I'm working on some funky "landing page" type stuff for the site. If say you were searching on google and you ended up on my site, previously I had some code to find out what you were really searching for and then prompt you to search specifically for that within my site. Now I'm doing some ajax stuff to actually do that search and insert it neatly into the page you landed on. Hmm, am I being clear? Probably not, I will demo it later. I might put the results in a little window that you can drag around the screen like this1, but I want to write all the code myself.

Woo, my Dalziel and Pascoe books arrived! Got half a dozen out of print ones from Ebay for 20p each, they are ex library books I hope this is kosher... We read one on holiday, and it was great, so after the rest of them in order. Which we've now made a start on!

More stuff: Google browser sync, so I can keep my browser synced with all the right plugins and bookmarks and settings and things wherever I am, this negates the need for firefox mass extension installer2 that I was using before really.

See Guns 'n' Roses from Hammersmith last night3, they came on 90 minutes late, and the chum who was there missed most of the set, doh! UPDATE: cool, I got the video in the popbitch4 mailout.

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