Blog2005 ≫ Working from home

Spending a couple of days a week for the next four weeks working for one of our sponsors, no extra money for me, but I do get to work from home. So doing that today! Getting used to different way sof doing thigns so far, mostly using Class::DBI instead of just DBI for database things. Don't like it so far, but that is just fear of change, it looks quite smart really.

Also BOOO, from Wayahead:

We are writing to inform you that CHILDREN OF THE TSUNAMI 1 at Astoria - Over 16's only, London on 01/02/2005 has been cancelled, and will not be rescheduled.

Disappointed, but as Clare points out, we'll be glad next Tuesday when we don't have to go out.

Ooh I didn't know Aggie from "How Clean Is Your House" is from Stokey...

💬 mwahahaha

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