Blog2010 ≫ You have until midnight tonight to protest at 6music's closure

See 6music.info1 for the details of what to do, if you have not already. Or maybe it's too late. Give it a go, just joining a facebook group or signing an online petition will have been no use at all.

U2 pulling out of Glastonbury reminds me of when The Stone Roses pulled out in 1995. I wonder who will step in and will it be the making of them like it was for Pulp? I have no idea about music these days nor who likely candidates might be for the headline slot.

Final episode of Lost to be watched any minute now, then Luther. It's only quite good but we're sticking with it. My main problem with it is things just happen too quickly, it would be better played out over a full ITV crime drama length, then maybe we'd get less of the "there's been a murder" "check all the police records ever, looking for clues" "i have checked all the old cases ever and i think it might be this man" "yes it is that man now we have solved the case" humungous leaps of detection.

Oh BBC suggest that Led Zeppelin could replace U2, that would work. It's probably just that they happened to be interviewing Jimmy Page on the day the news broke though.

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