Blog2009 ≫ A day in an out of health centres

Not me, but Clare and the boy, all is good though

Clare took the boy to see the nurse this morning, just being over cautious because of his temperature, and the nurse put us at ease. Probably a bug of some kind, nothing to worry about. I came home at lunchtime to take him to some children's health centre or other in Denmark Street, Folkestone just to have him weighed and see what goes on at these things. Lots of mums and babies just sitting around it seemed to me, not actually eating cake that I could see but I bet it wasn't far away. There was a rubber mat covered in shaving foam, not sure what I had interrupted. A baby massage class was about to start so Clare stuck around for that and I headed back to work. He was having none of the massage, got quite agitated so Clare took him out to be weighed. Health visitors thought he looked too agitated and hot and that he had a rash (he has sensitive skin) so made Clare go to the walk in centre. The walk in centre won't see babies under six months, so they made an appointment back at the very first doctor's surgery of the day, who said (again) there's nothing wrong with him.

As a result of all the running around he hasn't had his full complement of naps today, but he's happy enough.

Busy today, but good, sorted out this troublesome web services thing I've been doing, trying to sync up with another company. It's massively unintuitive, I have to prepare some xml of one format, then encode it, then tuck it in as a piece of text in some other xml, and then send that. And to get a reply I have to do the whole thing in reverse. If there was ever any advantage in using SOAP to start with (and I do not ever believe there is) then it has been lost by packing some other non self describing xml in there anyway. Still, figured it out which feels good.

The boy is in bed, Clare is finishing off the arrabiata we are having for tea. I had a starter of leftover homemade hummus and grilled aubergine which has filled me up slightly.

Am watching some new furniture on ebay, expect some updates about this, feel free to ignore...

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