Blog2004 ≫ Carol singers

Had some carol singers outside the house last night, but they weren't collecting for anything, they were just spreading christmas cheer... this is NOT what I've come to expect from Stokey, nice though.

Penultimate day at work today, pleased that I got my Barfly page down from about 10-15 seconds to just a one second page load now, SMART! Have packed all my stuff for christmas, mostly it's presents, so got no room for clothes. Can't wait!

Can't wait generally for the christmas break that is, not "can't wait to have no clothes".

Link of the day, Lego Thriller1. Won't play here, hope it's our firewall. And while I expect bloggers are going crazy about Bush being Time man of the year2, recall that they did worse in 19383.

💬 Lego Thriller

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