Blog2004 ≫ You wait ages for a complaint about the 106

And then three come along at once. Meant to have this whinge about the 106 yesterday, but I was all Pixied out. No problems for me on London's worst bus route for weeks, and then TWO, count 'em, two waits of about twenty minutes for a bus home... Then yesterday the automatic wheelchair ramp got stuck to the kerb, so we all had to get off. Without the weight of the passengers, the ramp was no longer wedged to the kerb, so we could all get back on again. All except the lady in the wheelchair.

Before I send even myself to sleep, I will say I am enjoying the rubbishness of Big Brother. No sympathy with any of the actors in it this year though, probably that's what was intended all along.

Pixies again tonight! And if that's not good news enough, this month's Ticketmaster revenue was up 50%! That's just about enough to pay for the server work that Popex needs, doh.

💬 Pixies

💬 so wot work

💬 Pixies

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