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Strange air about the world today - it's a fabulous day here in London, but the light and atmosphere feel a bit WEIRD. Could be that I've headed into town half an hour later than normal, or an actual armageddon could be on the way. Came into Cannon Street as a result of being a bit late too, my normal walk in from Charing Cross is a bit dull really, but strolling through "old" London the buildings and so on are more pleasing on the eye. Saw a delivery of evil doers into some court or other, and also a convoy of high powered unmarked cars (unmarked except for the blue lights) escorting someone through the red lights on Farringdon Road too. Quite possibly Cherie Blair on her way to a yoga class or something.

Been doing a stack of messing about with Javascript and CSS, finally getting to grips with what's what in the CSS, though it may not appear that way from the site right now... It's in transition, bit of experimenting going on, that's why it might look a bit geek-pie in places.

"Gene Simmons' Family Jewels" is coming to TV soon, according to kissonline.com1, it'll be his version of "The Osbournes". I love KISS, but I can hardly bear to see him speaking on TV in "Rock School", so this is likely to be dreadful. If it takes off over here it might inspire some live dates though I suppose.

Squirrel news: student blames squirrel2 for getting him into trouble, actually it's student writing to college paper complaining about squirrel that gets him into trouble3. Kind of topical, and I will be passing it around at work, as they might be going for a pass card type system in the office. BTW, sorry for teasing with yesterday's uproar at work comment.

javascript: Programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living.

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