Blog2010 ≫ Work christmas party kind of spoiled by snow

Probably just me!

Work party Friday afternoon was at down the long narrow country lanes to The Tiger in Stowting. Not really lots of snow, but those lanes were icy, and so the slightest incline meant the huge convoy of cars going from work got stuck. Must have taken us about an hour to get there, including getting out to try and push the cars in front up the hill, not great.

This meant getting to The Tiger later than expected, which caused two problems; one the free bar was closed by the time I got there, all the early birds had caned it. Second, there was nowhere to sit. Some people were saving seats for comrades who were stuck in the snow, no-one was saving a seat for me. Mostly people were sat in their teams and I have recently shifted between teams. I had to squeeze some people up to sit down, made me feel a bit like I was barging in, which I was, did not feel so welcome.

How sorry for myself do I sound?

My meal was OK, I had three bean chilli and roast potatoes, and a suspicious chocolate sponge for pudding. I got them to double check, it was definitely a vegan chocolate sponge.

There were wine glasses out on the table when we got there, but they were taken away again, no wine for us! I had a pint, no-one was keen to join me, most people had to drive to the do because it was in the middle of nowhere. In my foul mood I started to get worried about the weather getting worse and getting stuck there, so I bagged a lift with the first person who was heading back to Sandgate instead of staying on for more drinks like I originally planned, so kind of abandoned the two friends I had said I'd get a taxi back with.

Much better to be home having tea with Clare and The boy and a nice night in in front of the telly. So I was fresh and raring to go to London the next day...

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