Blog2018 ≫ Thanks dad for getting us out of the carol concert

Thought I had done a GREAT thing yesterday, there was a school carol concert that no-one wanted to go to. It's after school, not compulsory to attend, though they have been before, and a lot of the school do go. I took the bull by the horns and asked the head teacher, it is optional isn't it? Yes it's optional (though not for the staff she added), so we're out of it. Then when I broke the news to the kids, ah, um, says thing one. There was a practice for this, and I was looking at a bird that had got in the building and I missed what was said and the head thought I put my hand up and I might have volunteered for something. But not sure what.

We will find out today what this was...

Cycling in to work today, nearly in to work anyway. I will be working from home all over the holiday period, nice.

Today we seem to be practicing our emergency procedures at work.

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